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Urgent Pet Info Storage from


My name is Chop Welch and I am a mix between Black Lab & Nova Scotia Water Dog. I enjoy playing catch, swimming, hunting, boating and more!

My owners store Emergency Contact Information on in case I get lost. My owners store the name of the doctor (veterinarian) in My owners also store test results, annual check reports and the reports showing my latest rabies results. 

To purchase a membership for your pet, click on the SIGNUP button in the upper right hand corner. 

Here at, we love pets. Over the years, we have had dogs, cats, hamsters, fish and more. Today, the CEO and his family have a total of 4 dogs and keeping track of the medical care can get hectic. Paper reports end up getting misplaced by being filed incorrectly or not filed at all. Now, we create a profile for each pet in our account. We enter the basic demographic information as well as In Case of Emergency information. We enter the physician (vet) information. We enter information in the "other" tab and then upload the Vault information. We really enjoy the Vault feature as we are able to upload reports including rabies reports. 

Take a look at and sign-up your pet today!!!! provides secure online storage for medical and other important information which can be accessed via the internet/WIFI using a computer or smartphone. In addition, you can share information such as emergency contacts, allergy, medical conditions and more with coaches, fitness trainers, etc. which will provide the ability to increase fitness safety for you and your loved ones. Signup Today!

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