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Increase Child Safety with (for pennies per day)

Swimming Coach

Scenario - Susie is at school or a team event. In the event something happens, the big questions are:

1. How much medical information is known and available?

2. Does the teacher, coach or chaperone know if Susie has allergies?

3. Where is the emergency contact information? 

Multi-ethnic Group of Friends
Girls Soccer Team in Practice
Little League Baseball Game
Flag Football Running Back
Children in Science Class

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How does improve Student/Child Safety? While many schools have software applications where health information stored, these schools simply do not have the staff or time to manage the applications. The schools don't have the manpower available to contact parents on a timely basis (i.e. monthly) to update information. In addition, this information typically is stored in an administrative office and not in the classroom, playground, before/after care or on the field trip. The solution is Our software gives you the ability to share information with teachers, coaches, chaperones and others so the information is available at a moments notice* and can be easily accessed.


2. My child plays travel sports, how can benefit me? Our children played travel sports, like most sporting activities, we were required to complete a paper document providing health insurance information, allergy information as well as emergency contact information. This document was given to the coach who then forwarded the information with the home office. We were fortunate in we could travel each time to attend games. However, some parents were not able to travel due to work or other circumstances and we would be asked to take their child with us. Please know, no medical information was provided to us and in hindsight, we should have had medical information. This is one of the reasons we created If your child plays travel sports, we recommend a membership with If you have a team, league or tournament, please contact us at for group discounts and fundraising.  

3. How do I share/unshare information? Designed by parents and medical professionals, is easy to use and sharing information with teachers, coaches, fitness trainers, chaperones and more is easy as 1,2,3!

Step 1 - click on the Share Profile Button and the following window will appear. 

umi share step 1.png

Step 2 - After you enter the person's email address you are going to share information with, click on the email address and the following window will appear.

umi share step 2.png

Step 3 - After you select the information to share for your child's profile, click the Send button. The person your are sharing information will receive an email. They will have the option of creating a FREE membership or a paid membership. NOTE: You can stop sharing the information by selecting Unshare. SIGNUP TODAY!

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