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Most patients see more than one physician and/or medical professional. Having more than one physician providing care leads to miscommunication in most cases. Accordingly, one of the most common questions asked by your physician is, "What medications are you taking?"  

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Based on conversations with physicians and other medical professionals, who helped us design Urgent Medical Info, accurate patient medication is very important to help with the proper care and treatment of a patient. However, based on their experience, in most cases the patient doesn't remember all of the medications and related information.

Benefits of

- Patients can use the built-in features to record and track prescription(s), health insurance information, physician information, allergies, medical history, medical reports and emergency contact information. 

- Patients can share desired information with medical professionals, family members and more electronically. 

- Physician(s) can view information recorded, maintained and shared by the patient electronically through a smart-phone or computer. 

- Requiring patients to use allows the physician to use the information provided by the patient for billing under certain CPT codes. 

- utilization by physicians, psychiatrist  and other medical professionals could increase the level of patient care as well as revenue for the medical professional.


For more information regarding Urgent Medical Info and clinical use, please contact provides secure online storage for medical and other important information which can be accessed via the internet/WIFI using a computer or smartphone*. In addition, you can share information such as emergency contacts, allergy, medical conditions and more with coaches, fitness trainers, etc. which will provide the ability to increase fitness safety for you and your loved ones. Signup Today!

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