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Increase Fitness Safety with (for pennies per day)

Aerobics Class

Scenario - Adults and children workout and train to participate in Olympic events, club games and just to stay in shape. The big questions are "What happens in case of emergency?", "How much medical information do they know about you?" and "Do they have current information?".

Elderly Woman at Gym provides secure online storage for medical and other important information which can be accessed via the internet/WIFI using a computer or smartphone. In addition, you can share information such as emergency contacts, allergy, medical conditions and more with coaches, fitness trainers, etc. which will provide the ability to increase fitness safety for you and your loved ones. Signup Today!

Designed by parents and medical professionals, Urgent Medical Info is easy to use and sharing information with teachers, coaches, fitness trainers, chaperones and more is easy as 1,2,3!

Step 1 - click on the Share Profile Button and the following window will appear. 

umi share step 1.png

Step 2 - After you enter the person's email address you are going to share information with, click on the email address and the following window will appear.

umi share step 2.png

Step 3 - After you select the information to share for your medical information, click the Send button. The person your are sharing information will receive an email. They will have the option of creating a FREE membership or a paid membership. NOTE: You can stop sharing the information by selecting Unshare. SIGNUP TODAY!

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